Volunteering, internships and job opportunities with the Gaia Movement USA 2019

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Call: 773-651-7870

  1. Volunteering with Gaia June to October 2019:
    Single persons or 2-3 friends are always welcome to volunteer anytime in our organic garden farm at the facility at 8918 S Green Street, Chicago, Il 60820.
    Larger groups or school classes are welcome to volunteer with us. The activity will be designed for the make-up of the group – age, size of group, need in Gaia at the time. Examples are organic gardening, clean-up actions in the community around Gaia, preparing books for kids for Christmas and more.

  2. Internships with Gaia all year
    We seek a person for online profiling and marketing of Gaia and Planet Protection. Minimum a month and up to 3 months at a time. Follow activities at Gaia and write about them. Research and follow facts and news about global warming and climate change, create blogs and articles. Follow our Planet Protection activities at Gaia and document them online.
    We seek a person with interest in the used clothes market and in fashion to perform quality sampling and audits of our products – 1 to 4 months at a time.

  3. Job opportunities.
  4. We seek a passionate salesperson with b2b experience and/or a background and network with the public schools in greater Chicago to expand the presence of our clothes collection boxes in Chicago and Illinois. Start June or July 2019. Email or call to request a job description and/or interview.